Industry Solution for Wind Turbines

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When working at height, lifting heights, safety and reliability count. KITO hoists offer the best of everything!

KITO is the only manufacturer in the world offering nickel-plated load chains. The advantages of these products include higher corrosion resistance and less wear compared to conventional chains.

Dedicated to work with wind turbines is chain hoist model ER2 WindHoist. It is available from us on our website. 

It features a standard version with a maximum load of 800kg! And for larger sizes KITO is able to find the right solution!  Lifting height up to 150m! Electromagnetic or disc brakes available for the hoists increase safety!


Optional equipment:

  • Radio remote control

  • Foam bottom hook protection

  • Push, Geared, Electric trolleys avalable.

  • Special voltage on request.

Hoist design elements

1. Upper hook / Upper hooking element

  • Allows easy and simple assembly and disassembly of the hoist

2. Die-cast aluminium body

  • Extremely sturdy design. 

3. Bottom hook protection

  • Optional component for bottom hook protection in high-visibility colour.

4. Hak dolny ładunkowy

  • A bottom hook which swivels through 360° to avoid kinks and twists in the chain which can lead to dangerous situations.

5. Remote control

  • Ergonomic design for easy operation of the hoist

6. Nickel-plated chain

  • Grade T, series V (G100) in accordance with standard EN818-7, strength 1,000 N/mm2 (Special solution)

7. Chain stopper

Working load limit

Up to 800 kg in standard models. Higher on request.

Operating valtage

3 phase 400/690 V, other voltages on request.

Lifting height

Up to 150m, further lifting heights on request.

IP protection

Class IP55.


Electromagnetic brake avalable or pull rotor brake

Load Sheave

5 or 6 pockets (depending on the product model) for very smooth operation.

Lifting speed

Up to 28 meter per minute


Fem 1Bm, ISO M3, other classifications on request.

Motor protection

Thermal motor protection PTC



Load Chain

Nickel-plated load chain with high corrosion resistance or zinc-plated load chain



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