Food & Pharma industry

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The nature of work in the food and pharmaceutical industries requires the highest standards of safety and sterility. The answer to these and other needs of KITO is the FER2 hoist.

FER2 electric chain hoist with options such as epoxy paint, powered trolley, stainless steel load hook, nickel-plated chain stop and chain spring, end plate and chain box made of stainless steel.

The greatest advantages of the FER2 hoist are:

  • NSF H1 compliant food grade grease and oil
  • With CE certification
  • IP55 protection class
  • With declaration of conformity
  • Nickel-plated load chain

Optionally, the hoist can be:

  • Epoxy painting
  • Hook suspension
  • Plain, geared or motor trolley
  • Mounting either crosswise or parallel to the girder
  • Stainless steel chain container
  • Silicone cover for control pendant


FER2 hoist design:

1. Motor Trolley.

  • Optional.

2. Food grade grease and oil.

  • (NSF H1 compliant).

3. Epoxy painting.

  • Optional.

4. Chain container made of stainless steel.

  • Optional.

5. Nickel-plated load chain grade T.

  • Series V (G100) in accordance with standard EN 818-7.

6. Corrosion-resistant load hook.

  • Optional. Made of stainless steel.