Since 1996, Absortech has been developing a range of products offering innovative moisture protection technology, primarily for containers and packaging, but also for the home and warehouse.

Absortech is a highly innovative company that makes significant investments in research and development. This enables us to be a leader in better protection against costly moisture damage.
They were the first and continue to be at the forefront of this field.

Absortech is the world leader in moisture protection technology. They have achieved this position through their skilled and dedicated employees and through the satisfaction of demanding customers. Absortech was founded in 2001. But the story began a decade earlier, as the founders brought to the company experience from years of working with dehumidification products, including Absormatic. Absortech was superior because:

  • used 100% calcium chloride, with excellent absorption capacity,
  • offered a product fully capable of hanging in the corrugated cavity of container walls without taking up valuable storage space,
  •  It offered a desiccant product specifically tailored to protect bulk shipments.

Forankra is the official distributor of the Abortech brand.