Forankra’s expertise in cargo securing and cargo optimization covers all modes of securing goods in movement – from the strapping of products onto pallets in the factory, to efficient cargo optimization solutions and securing of cargo on gigantic sea vessels or cargo planes. All the above in combination with our lifting products is why our offer to you is:

”Secures everything in transit”.


We offer our customers:

Customized solutions:

Our focus areas:
• Manufacturing industries,
• Logistics companies,
• Transportations on road, air and sea ,
• OEM - Bodybuilders for trucks, ships, aircrafts
and helicopters


• Wide product range
• Comprehensive warehousing
• Customized products
• Reliable service and deliveries
• Extensive European reseller network


• Advice and recommendations
• Training programs
• Product and application testing
• Certificates & Audits
• Knowledge of norms and regulations