Forankra offer cargo bars and shoring beams which are used for blocking load in transport. They can be used in small box vans but also in trailers trucks. Cargo bars are usually ended with rubber foots and track end fittings. Cargo bars with foots are perfect for box trailers, but it is important to choose correct length of bar to prevent the roof damages. Bars with track end fittings might be used only in vehicles equipped in lashing tracks. In our offer you can find wide assortment of lashings tracks. 

Cargo bars are usually made with steel or aluminium profiles, which is ended in both sides with rubber, changeable foots or tracks end fittings. Each bar has adjustable length, thanks to this it is more universal tool. A big advantage of or bars is the availability of spare parts for most of our models.

Our innovative and patented bar is the Ergobar!

The ERGOBAR is a telescopic blocking bar with rubber pads for industrial and urban vehicles.
It is used to block the load transported.

The innovation lies in its simplicity of use and its uniform tension which allows a constant blocking.

  • Ergonomic Easy and quick to install: One-handed installation
  • Effortless tensioning: Handle at arm height, limits MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders)
  • 150 daN (1500N): controlled and guaranteed tension for good support

Spare parts Available: rubber pads and handle

Another very innovative solution straight from our R&D department is the SMARTBAR cargo bar for delivery vehicles.

SMARTBAR is the new generation of blocking bars for light and small delivery box vans. By pulling down the strap the spring is compressed, and the shoring pole can easily be positioned in the cargo carrier.

Easy adjustment: do not need any special tool to adjust the length.

Ergonomics The strap with spring function makes it easy to adjust the height of the Smartbar. The strap is placed at arms height to enable ergonomic working movement and the low weight (2,5 kg) facilitates the use.

One of the most popular way of cargo secuting is lashing by blocking. In addition to classical cargo bar an equally popular option is shoring beam. It's allows to easy and safe block the load by mounting on the profiles of trailar. 


Safety Beam, for blocking goods on vehicle with dropsides, clamps om each side, divedable in the middle.

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Cargo bars KIM55 Profi

KIM Profi cargo bars have a very wide adjustment range, which allows them to be used both vertically and horizontally. They can be used for different vehicle interior heights. The KIM 55 Profi cargo bars can easily be precisely adjusted to the distance between the rails on the vehicle using a tape measure. Available with end pieces for Airline and Universal bars!

Very interesting solution is also universal cargo bars with special adaptiv fitting for Airline and Universal tracks! There is no more need of looking for special endfitting, universal fitting is the future!

In our offer you may find 2 models of universal cargo bars, made by aluminium profile or with steel profiles, see more: