Overhead Power Line Construction Industry Solution

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The LB range of lever hoists is ideal for use in the high voltage line construction sector. They enable loads of up to 9,000 kg to be lifted.

Reliability and safety - the industry standard!

What characterises the LB series?

  • Unique freewheel function,

  • Fine-toothed precision gearing to reduce required force,

  • More rebust and ergonomic lever,

  • High-performance mechanical brake,

  • Nickel-plated load chain grade T, series V (G100) in accordance with standard EN 818-7.

The hoists are characterised by the highest safety during operation, confirmed by certificates:

  • DGUV-GS since 2007,

  • KITO in the only manufacturer worldwide with DGUV-GS-certyfication

  • Meets current security conditions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the C-Standard EN 13157


Kito offers the best quality among chain hoist manufacturers. Forankra is the official distributor of the KITO brand in Poland, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1. KITO original feewheel function

  • Protection against unintentional freewheeling under load.

2. Robust sheet steel housing

  • Reliable also under rough handling conditions.

3. Chain lock

  • It provides maximum control and safety.

4. Guided hook latch

  • Significantly improves handling safety, preventing the release of the hooked load.

5. Hook block quadruple riveted

  • Increased safety.