Red Rooster

General: With the LHR series we have a range of trolleys for those applications were a standard trolley headroom is too large. With this special version the hoist is built into the frame of the trolley to decrease the distance of the lower hook to the beam to an absolute minimum.
Standard features:
- State of the art with new drive motor for the trolley
- Low maintenance and wearing of the drive motor through less parts
- Accurate speed control at lifting and lowering
- Accurate speed control of the trolley
- Adjustable to a range of beam sizes
The low head room trolleys are available as standard version (order- number LHATP…) or as spark resistant version with bronze wheels, bronze coated hooks for explosion dangerous areas (order number LHATPSR) with ATEX certificate.
- Rack and pinion drive
- Marine paint (with certificate)
- ATEX specifications group II2 & II3

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      Part Code WLL
      Type Chain falls Lifting speed without load
      Lifting speed with load
      Lowering speed with load
      Weight with 3m HOL Air consumption Hoist Air consumption Trolley
      16.30TCR-500-LHR 0,5 TCR-500-LHR 1 16 10,5 17,9 85 25 25
      16.30TCR-1000/2-LHR 1,1 TCR-1000/2-LHR 2 9,5 5,3 9 90 25 25
      16.30TCR-1000-LHR 1,1 TCR-1000-LHR 1 11,3 6 10,3 90 25 25
      16.30TCR-2000-LHR 2,2 TCR-2000-LHR 2 5,7 3 5,2 105 25 25