Be cool thermo walls system

  • Not for lifting
Be Cool is made of durable and easy care polythylene. The glossy surface makes it easy to keep clean, which is important for hygienic reasons. The surface material is available in several colors, however white, silver, grey and blue are stock items. The stiff insulating material has high insulation performance and provides good insulation between different temperature zones. Properly installated it provides good sealing towards ceiling, walls and floor. The wall is designated accoding to the “oversize principle”, which means it i larger than the space it will cover. The soft edges of the polyether foam are pressed together when setting the wall in place.The isolation material in the Be Cool partition have Thermal Conductivity value 0,037W/mK. Be Cool is manufactured in sepatare sections. We recommend smaller load carriers to use 2-sections and large carriers to use 3-sections. The sections have L-profiles in aluminium on both sides which make it easy to position sections next to each orther. Two sturdy handles per section make them easy to lift and move. The sections are easy to push into place due to a kick profile of aluminium at the lower part and a big plastic profile in the bottom. For security reasons we recommend the use of cargo bars to hold the sections that are not “walking sections” in place. Both right and left section can be selected as the “walking sections”.Be Cool weighs about 5 kg/m?, which means that one section in a 3-section set, adapted for height 2800 mm weighs appr. 11,8 kg. Be Cool has a width of 60 mm. Made to order according to specification.
  • Material: Polythylene
  • Note: Made to order according to specification.


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