• Not for lifting
The ATD-2 and ATD-F systems are designed to be built into the wall of the vehicle. The rails built into the wall optimise the useful width of the van. The system complies with European Directive 93/94 EU. - ATD-2 : the rails are recessed in the wall. There is no risk of the pallets catching on the rails. - ATD-F : rails are partly recessed in the wall. The risk of the pallets catching on the rails is greatly reduced. Below you may see configuration of standard setting.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Marking: Piek
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Part Code Model Description Packing Qty.
32020009F ATD-2 Double decking single track ATD-2 1960mm 2
32020010F ATD-2 Double decking double track ATD-2 1960mm 22
32020003F ATD-F Double decking single track ATD-F 1960mm 2
32020004F ATD-F Double decking double track ATD-F 1960mm 22
32020001F ATD-2 & ATD-F Decking beam ATD 1000kg 23
32020006F ATD-2 & ATD-F Double decking rod 1
32010007F ATD-2 & ATD-F Double decking rod holder 1