• Not for lifting
With dunnage bags it is easy to avoid dammages that might occur during transports in containers, railroad cars and on ships. A dunnage bag is made from an airtight case of polyethylene equipped with an air valve and an outer layer of heavy-duty paper or polypropylene. A safe transport is achived when a right-sized dunnage bag, and correctly located in the cargospace, is inflated with air. The dunnage bag then prevents the cargo from moving on the load carrier and absorbs shocks and vibrations. To efficiently prevent transport damages is not the only advantage with dunnage bags. It is very quick to place and inflate the bags, which decrease the work effort during loading and unloading to a minimum which saves a lot of time. Since the valve can be open och re-closed it is also poosible to reuse the bag for example if a container should be repacked.
  • Material: polypropylene
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    Part Code Width
    Description Height
    27010019F 1 200 Side valve 2 100
    27010018F 1 200 Front Valve 2 100
    27010013F 900 Front Valve 2 100
    27010021F 1 500 Side valve 2 000
    27010004F 900 Side valve 1 200
    27010007F 900 Side valve 1 500
    27010010F 900 Side valve 1 800
    27010014F 900 Side valve 2 100
    27010016F 900 Side valve 2 400
    27010022F 900 Side valve 3 200
    27010017F 900 Side valve 600